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  Bill Marks Painting
Interior walls painted by Bill Marks Painting
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Kimberly Marks

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We also have a painter-for-a-day program where we can send a painter to your home for a day and they can handle any touch-up or refreshening of paint work you need to have done, Call for more information. 
 BBB Rating of A+
Why you should consider Bill Marks Painting for your project. 
We been in the painting business for over 27 years and our goal has always been to be the best, not the biggest. We take the time to work closely with our customers and give them the kind of individual attention that few other companies will give you.
Thank you for your time Bill and Kimberly Marks

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One of Kimberly Testimonials:                              
Kimberly, offers a 30-minute color consultation, if you have trouble deciding on your color scheme. The consultation is included in the price of the job. We found the consultation to be very beneficial. Kimberly pointed out color tips that we didn’t think of and we developed a scheme that we are very happy with. 
Thanks  Sue Miller
My local painting business, BILL MARKS PAINTING is a family run business with my wife, Kimberly and a small staff of employees. We are a professional painting company focused on residential painting. No sub-contractors are used, and our employees are an intricate part of our small knit company, strong of character, and skilled in the painting trade. We take the responsibility of working on your home very seriously, and we make the process easy. We take pride in the care of our work.Our prices are competitive. Every proposal is in writing with a complete detailed description of the work to be performed. We value communication through every phase of the painting project. We work with you from start to finish ensuring that your job is done right. We can assist your color selection by applying sample paints. We offer professional color consultations. And a free estimate. Allow us to set up an appointment, at your convenience to discuss the work you need to have done. 
Bill and Kimberly Marks     720 -298-8399 

Our Employees:
The advantage of our small company is that we know our employees well. We feel comfortable bringing them into our home, so we feel comfortable bringing them into your home. We know our employees are strong in character and conduct .We conduct ourselves as gentlemen. We realize this is your home and we want you to always feel at ease, therefore we only use employees we know and respect. By working side by side, day by day we can be certain of their character. We know them to be trustworthy in attitude and action.  

Five year warranty 
At Bill Marks Painting we know your home is one of your most valuable investments and we want to help you protect it. In addition to using only high-quality materials and following strict guidelines for application, we warranty our workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years. If within 5 years of the completion date of the job, you notify us about any problems occurring with your paint, stain, due to defects in our workmanship or materials we will inspect and repair the affected areas. Exceptions: BILL MARKS Painting is not responsible for damage to paint, stain, due to (Hail Damage) All stain/sealer work on exterior wood decks is warranted for 2 years.

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Free 30-minute color consultation
In-home color consultation 
gives answers, helps you be creative with your own style.
Let us help you make an unforgettable first impression and keep that first impression looking good for many years to come

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Jim & Alexis Twiford
Arvada, CO  80004

Dear Kimberly,
I must say thank you so much for your professional assistance with the color selection for the exterior paint job being done on our Arvada home.   After the last hail storm in 2009, it became apparent that we were going to need the exterior painted and to be honest, the most dreaded part of the whole process to us (well to me, for sure!)  was the process of choosing a 3 color combination that would  blend nicely with the new shingles color on our roof and the front brick.   Researching painting contractors on Tom Martino’s website was easy and made the calling and solicitation of 3 competitive bids  and relatively simple thing to do.  Bill Marks Painting was the last bid we got and we were both so impressed with Bill and his explanation of the detailed work that would be provided by his company that we  both said “He’s the guy!”  after Bill left.   But the real cincher of the deal was his offer of your services to assist in color selection if we went with his bid.  I’ve gotta say Kimberly, he didn’t oversell you, but included it as part of the deal.  And for us that was enough!   
I’ve been through the color selection process many times in my life and it’s a daunting, overwhelming task in my opinion, to search through those massive color decks and try to find “just the right” base color and complimenting accent colors.   When you showed up at my door I was so happy to have such a smiling face assuring me that we could do this project quite easily.   Then, out came the color decks – Yikes!!  So many, many colors but we had already decided we wanted a  darker shade of green for the body of the house and lighter trim and accent colors.  You went straight to the greens (knew exactly where they were) and helped us decide from there based on your excellent suggestions.   Seriously, it turned a dreaded thing into something fun and pleasant.   Plus it helps that you are a delight to talk to and we enjoyed every minute of time you spent with us.  I just came in from outside and the spraying of the green we chose has begun and the front is nearly covered…it is AWESOME!!   All the guys here working are polite, professional, knowledgeable and clearly know what they are doing.  We can’t wait to see the finished job and think it will feel like a whole new house and after 16 years here, we really needed that emotional environmental boost.  
So, I guess what I’m saying Kimberly (and Bill too) please include us among your references and please feel free to have any prospective clients call us if they would like a firsthand vocal reference for you.  And if someone wants to see your work in our area, feel free to tell them to drive by and have a peek at the exterior of our house.  You guys are the real deal – the whole package, so to speak and we are grateful to have been lucky enough to have found you!  

Alexis & Jim Twiford