We will clean all surface allowing for easier paint application and a longer lasting trouble free paint job. We will inspect all surfaces to be painted re-caulk cracks in corners, baseboards and moldings if needed. Patch holes and cracks, lightly sand all wood work. When we come in to paint your home we are expecting to handle everything ourselves. We move all of the furniture into the middle of the room remove pictures from the walls and take down any window treatments. All furniture and belongings are carefully covered and all floors are protected with the proper drop cloths during painting. The only items we ask the customer to move are the small knick- knack tipe items. Upon completion of the painting we will place all furniture back in the location that it was removed from and re-hang pictures and window treatments. We do offer a setup discount of 5% off labor of the total cost of the job if you would like to set the areas up for painting yourself. Setup would consist of placing all furniture in the middle of the area to be painted, removing all pictures, window treatments, switch plates and receptacle covers. Upon completion you could then put everything back in place. With customer setup you do not need to cover all of the furniture and belongings. We will provide all coverings and drop cloths. If the areas to be painted are empty or the home vacant when we give you your estimate then obviously we can not offer a setup discount as that is already factored into your estimate.

Environmental friendly products
This year we take our commitment to our customers  Indoor Air Quality  a bit further by painting with low vocs paints at no extra charge. Conventional water based paints, also known as “latex paints” contain organic and non organic ingredients, pigments, additives, binders and water. The most harmful ingredients are the Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) These are mostly solvents and agents that help with the film formation of the paint. Many paints are formulated with ethylene glycol, a known toxicant. Biocides and other agents used to arrest bacteria growth are also ingredients. These VOCs can result in acute and chronic indoor exposure especially to children that are still developing their immune system. In addition to the high VOC exposures during the painting and initial drying periods, there is chronic exposure to these chemicals over extended periods. Laboratory experiments have shown that a large portion of the VOC components quickly adsorb into the wallboard, then are slowly released over many months.
It's OK to be squeamish. Even a bit scared. But giving a little color to plain white walls isn't as intimidating as it seems at Bill Marks Painting  we offer color consultations and  apply color samples to help for final selections.
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