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We want to thank you both very much for the great job on our master bedroom and bath.  It looks fabulous! 

Kimberly - your color consultation was so helpful - we never would have been able to choose that great look with the accent wall without your help.  And the bathroom color looks wonderful with the decorative tile.

Bill - we appreciated very much that you were always prompt, pleasant, and professional.  Not to mention that you did a good job!  It was a pleasure having you and your crew in our home.
We are enjoying our "new" rooms very much!  You can expect to hear from us again when we are ready to do the upstairs.
Thanks again,
Carrie and Rich Snavely
Hey Bill and Kimberly,
Just wanted you to know how thrilled we all are with the work you did.  Thanks Kimberly for your expert advice on colors, etc.  It has made such a difference in our home
Thanks again,
Dawn & Martin Widger
Littleton, CO 80127

Hi Bill and Kimberly!
Just a quick note of thanks for you volunteering so much of your time last week to our Honda Grant- Make Over Project.  As a non profit organization, it is people and companies in the community, like you, who make what we do possible.  By getting involved you have made a difference and for that Third Way Center is grateful!  The students/workers and staff really enjoyed and learned from your hands on demonstrations.  Thank you for your time and patience as well as bringing in the supplies and t-shirts.  Also, thank you for the donation.  If you would like to check in on the progress being made and/or have time to stop by to give helpful tips, the crew hours are 9a-12 and 1-3:30p at the Lincoln facility.
Thanks again!!!
Kristina Coates
Independent Living Counselor:  Career & Academics
Joan Farley Academy/Third Way Center
P.O. Box 61385
Denver, Co. 80206
303-780-9191 ex75 OR 303-832-6622
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Letters of reference for color consultations
The best part about your business is the help I received in selecting colors since I had no idea what colors to even look at. kimberly was a tremendous help in guiding me in the selection .

Applying the sample paints to the walls let me see how the colors would look prior to the paint job and allowed me to make changes. i just love how it all turned out when the paint job was done.

Once again ,thanks to you ,your crew and kimberly for doing such a great job.

Fran Fisher

   Kimberly Marks, artist- muralist- color consultant
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Seven color tips
1. Take courage with color and say goodbye to color fear
2. Think of your walls as part of the whole compostion rather than a divider 
3. Paint ceilings in the same color or a light tint of the wall color to create visual flow  
4. Accentuate a neutral room with vibrance ,a deep sapphire blue paints depth and richness to a fireplace
5. Choose the mood, then create that mood by color, a royal plum creates an elegant ambiance to a formal dining room
6. Remember to consider the practical function of the room, choose a very light shade where you need exrtra light
7. Use colors that encourage your individuality and show your unique characteristics 
When choosing neutrals consider bringing in other colors for accents and interesting diversion to room
When should we choose a warm color or cool color? What abut the blending of cool colors and warm colors? 
Bold colors or dark rich walls when do they work beautifully in a space.  How dark or how light of a color should we use ?
How do we create a natural transtion of one color into the next color? What about the other color and shapes in the room ?
How can we introduce accent colors ? How can we bring some color to a neutral walls ?

Color reflects the room's elements and directs visual flow
Color channels the visual course for our home design. A good color design will flow from space to space like a beautiful stream. Whether our décor is a gentle stream or bubbling brook, color should flow naturally. Turns and twists please the eye and reflect the elements. Good color choices create a path for our eyes. Gentle pauses and strategic focal points give diversity. The blending of colors, the different shades of the same hue or the placement of color creates visual interest for the viewer. Painted walls reflect the beauty and colors of the room’s architecture, furnishings and other elements

Color creates the mood
Color sets into motion the mood or the ambiance of the room. The choice of the color will create the atmosphere.The feel of the  Tuscan sun is set into motion by sun drenched golden walls , the charm of the coffee café is rich with mocha deep colors and the bold expressions of black and white render the air of contemporary design.Colors affect our emotions; we feel more postive and upbeat in a cheerful yellow room, than we do surrounded by gloomy gray walls .Color influences our whole atmosphere in life.

Color can support the practical function 
As we select color we need to consider the practical aspect of the room.Certain colors support and strengthen our productivity.We need to think about how we use the room? For example, if the room is used for reading or detailed eye work then a lighter color such as buttermilk is better than a darker shade of taupe. Certain shades of colors help us feel secure and confident such as sky blue.Remember to combine artistic colior design with your practical needs and the blended result will be both beautiful and user friendly.

In-home color consultation gives answers, helps you be creative with your own style
Fran Fisher writes ...
The Snavelys write ...
In-home color consultation gives answers,helps you be creative with              your own style
Kimberly Marks provided a color consultant on one of the jobs. She helped us to select some great accent colors. Bill and Kimberly and their crew were polite, friendly and great to work with. I feel fortunate to have found them and certainly recommend them and their work to others.
Pros:Conscientious and courteous folks, excellent communication, on the spot quotes, high quality work, fair and honest pricing. Thanks, Peter Day

Kimberly, offers a 30-minute color consultation, if you have trouble deciding on your color scheme. The consultation is included in the price of the job. We found the consultation to be very beneficial. Kimberly pointed out color tips that we didn’t think of and we developed a scheme that we are very happy with. Thanks  Sue Miller

Personal ColorViewer
Personal ColorViewer